Ministry probes negligence claim against Tree Top

Tree Top Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Ministry has opened an investigation into claims of medical negligence made against Tree Top Hospital.

A group of people staged a demonstration outside the hospital on Sunday, after a family accused the hospital of negligence, leading to the death of a cancer patient.

The incident triggered more claims of negligence against the hospital, many of them being made on social media platforms.

Health Ministry’s Quality Assurance Commissioner Thasleema Usman told Sun that the ministry received an email regarding the case on Tuesday.

Thasleema said that the ministry had been looking into the case, as soon as it was raised on social media.

Ministry officials met with officials from the hospital on Sunday.

Thasleema said that the Health Ministry is looking into the hospital’s services and internal reviews.

Thasleema said that in addition to the claims recently raised on social media, the ministry also received a claim against the hospital earlier this year.

She said that the ministry has decided to review all claims.

In a statement on Monday, Tree Top Hospital has said it would hold full reviews into claims of negligence, as soon as it was submitted through official channels.