Ministry: Ameenee Magu cannot be completed by end of this term

Ameenee Magu, Male'. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Naail Hafeez)

Planning Ministry, on Thursday, has stated that the re-development of Ameenee Magu cannot be completed by the end of the current administration’s term.

The Ministry, prior to this, said all works under the Ameenee Magu re-development project will be completed before the new administration takes over on November 17th.

However, State Minister for Planning Akram Kamaluddin, on Thursday, told Sun that significantly “wide” pipes need to be buried in Ameenee Magu under the stormwater project being carried out with assistance from the World Bank. Noting the pipes need to be brought to Maldives from abroad, he said approximately two to three months will be incurred for this.

Akram underscored that they will have to remove the asphalt to bury the pipes if they complete works on the road prior to this. Therewith, he said works on Ameenee Magu have been halted for the time being.

A large area of Ameenee Magu has been completed as of the present. In this regard, asphalt has been laid from Henveiru end of the road up to Izzudheen Magu, itching the road up to modern standards. The remaining area, which is the Maafannu end of the road, remains the same as before.

The redevelopment of Ameenee Magu was contracted to RDC by Planning Ministry on July 3 for MVR 84.4 million.