Final list of flat recipients under ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme to be released next week

Housing units being developed by Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) in Hulhumale' Phase II contracted to India's JMC Projects. (Sun Photo)

Housing Ministry, on Wednesday, said the final list of flat recipients under the government’s ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme will be released next week.

State Minister for Housing Akram Kamaluddin told Sun that while an exact date to release the final list has yet to be set, efforts were underway to release the list in the course of next week.

The government released the provisional list of flat recipients under the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme on August 8th.

The provisional list lists the names of 20,697 applicants. 6,208 applicants who applied for two-bedroom flats, and 14,489 who applied for three-bedroom flats.

15,046 applicants were listed as eligible. This includes 4,319 people who applied for two-bedroom flats, and 10,727 people who applied for three-bedroom flats.

Housing Ministry, at present, is undertaking visits to the homes eligible applicants to verify the living conditions they have stated on their applications.

The construction of 4,000 housing units under the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme is contracted to India’s JMC Projects and NBCC. Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) estimates that people will be able to move to the 32 towers in 2025.

Meanwhile, another Indian contractor, Kalpataru Projects International Limited (KPIL), was contracted by FDC to construct an additional 4,000 units on August 2nd.

Housing Ministry, on August 8th, said they will contract the construction of an additional 3,500 housing units, in order to provide flats to the applicants eligible for the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ housing scheme.