President Solih: Will need allies for next round

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking to the press. (Sun Photo )

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih following the preliminary results of the Presidential Election 2023 said that things previously not thought about has occurred in this round of voting, and that they will be working on those things. 

After the results, President Solih - the candidate for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) met with his party leadership at Salt Cafe’.

His running mate Mohamed Aslam, Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam, Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem, Education Minister Aishath Ali and other senior MDP members were present at this meeting. 

Speaking to the press afterwards, President Solih said that the meeting addressed certain things that were not previously considered. 

“No matter what, we will need to form some allies now. I believe PPM will also work [to make allies] and so will we.”

Additionally, he stated that they will be starting to work towards winning the second round from tomorrow itself. 

According to the preliminary results of the Presidential Election 2023, President Solih secured 85,809 votes, which is 39 percent of voters. 

The election results are led by main opposition candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu with 46 percent, which accounts to 100,959 votes.