Six detained in election-related incidents; two remain in custody

Voters queuing up to cast their vote for the 2023 Presidential Elections on September 9, 2023. (Sun Photo)

Maldives Police Service have said that six people have been detained due to incidents linked to the ongoing Presidential Elections.

They also said that out of the sixpeople detained under the operation “Bluewave” that they are conducting for the Presidential Elections, all but two people have been released.

Speaking to Sun, a media official from the Police said that the two people who are still detained are the ones who are alleged to have taken a photograph of the ballot and taking a prohibited item into the voting hall.

The incident where a photograph of the ballot is from B. Thulhaadhoo.

At a press conference held by the Elections Commission, the vice Chairman of EC said that a case of a voter taking a photograph with a pen has been reported to the Police and will be investigated.

“Even if they took a photo, the ballot is valid and can be put into the box, but the act by the voter is a crime and we will investigate this issue through the police,” he said.

Habeeb further said that while voting was suspended following this incident, voting was resumed after a while.

In addition to Thulhaadhoo, voting was suspended in AA. Rasdhoo due to unrest. The problem in Rasdhoo was caused when EC decided to isolate two officials from the voting hall.