President pledges to allocate Hirinaidhoo to Nellaidhoo for economic purposes

Residents welcome President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to HDh. Nellaidhoo. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged HDh. Nellaidhoo residents to allocate them the neighboring uninhabited island, Nellaidhoo, for economic purposes, if elected for a second term in office.

He had made several pledges to the residents while peaking at a campaign event in Nellaidhoo on Monday.

They include the handing over of Hirnaidhoo to Nellaidhoo Council for economic purposes. The uninhabited island near Nellaidhoo is presently leased to party under ‘Varuva’. The president noted that efforts were already underway make the necessary arrangements in this trajectory.

President Solih noted Hiranaidhoo as an island where economical activities can be carried out such as harvesting sea cumber.

Additional pledges made by the president includes;

  • Developing flats
  • Modernizing major roads
  • Increasing facilities at the school and addressing space constraints
  • Developing a boatyard
  • Developing a modern mosque
  • Upgrading the health centre’s services, and making it 24 hours

President Solih told the residents that these projects will be carried out at a fast pace from the commencement of a second term.

He further said the residents will be well aware of leaders who have not fulfilled their pledges. On this note, he stressed that the condition of the island 10 years ago, and the condition of the island today, is clearly visible to everyone.

He detailed that his 2018’s ‘Jazeera Raajje’ manifesto had been formulated to include all citizens of the nation in development. The result, he said, is evident from one look at all islands.

President Solih said that efforts to fulfill the requests of the people are nearing completion today.

Following his visit to Nellaidhoo, the president also visited neighboring Vaikaradhoo on Monday, where he announced his pledges for the island;

  • Developing row houses
  • Modernizing major roads by laying asphalt
  • Creating a beach area
  • Building a skate park
  • Developing a mosque