Pres Solih invite Vilufushi MP Afeef to consider rejoining MDP

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at Th.Vilufushi. (Photo / MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih invited Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef to the leading ranks of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), and urged him to consider rejoining the party.

He made this statement while visiting Th.Vilufushi as part of the campaign tour of Th.Atoll. 

Acknowledging that recently, amidst some differences in thinking, certain changes occured within the party, he said that this lead to members leaving the party as well.

President Solih went on to note the departure of MP Afeef - a long term member at MDP, and said that this was saddening. Subsequently, he urged Afeef to reconsider the decision.

“There will always be space for them within MDP. Space in the front row. Those are the people who served the party.”

Furthermore, the president said that the future was allied with the MDP. 

Reiterating the sadness linked to the departure of long-term members, who served the party, President Solih said that it was not something he wanted to happen at all. 

MP Afeef left to join The Democrats who branched out from MDP amid internal clashes. However, he is seldom seen at political events of his new party. He has also aimed any direct verbal attacks at President Solih either. 

Notably, the President’s comments come at a time when some members who left to join The Democrats have rejoined MDP. This includes Kulhudhufushi MP Yasir Abdul Latheef and Thoddoo MP Hassan Shiyaan.

President Solih’s pedges to Th.Vilufushi

  • Tar the remaining roads of the island 

  • Bring in a Pediatrician and Gynecologist for the island 

  • Further develop the harbor and lagoon area