Saudhullah advices to be unbiased in writing

Dr Saudhullah Ali speaking at an event held in celebration of Writer’s Day at Majeediyya School on August 24, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdullah)

Religious scholar, Dr Saudhullah Ali has advised all those in writing to be faithful and always be careful in their writings.

Speaking at an event held in celebration of Writer’s Day last Thursday night at Majeediyya School, Saudhullah gave a message filled with information to journalists, authors, and everyone in the writing field.

He said that it is important to view the significance of writing in Islam when celebrating Writer’s Day as Muslims. He cited examples from the Holy Qur'an to show how much importance writing is given in Islam.

“The Qur’an praises the writer and what they have written. While scholars get a high title, one of their responsibilities is writing. So the rewards they get will be shared by the writers,” Saudhullah said.

He further said that there are Islamic disciplines that journalists and other writers or bookwriters must adhere to.

“The Qur’an tells us to write without bias. We shouldn’t write anything that isn’t the truth. And so being faithful to the truth is included. And you have to write it the right way. Another thing is that changing what should be written and hiding the truth are prohibited,” he said.

Highlighting that the Holy Qur'an also mentions that hiding the truth and changing things that are written is a bad characteristic, he said the Holy Qur'an also mentions that people's reputations should be protected. There should be no ridiculing people and obscene language should be avoided. If a person does any of these things, he will be called a transgressor, he said.

“In order not to become a transgressor, we must make our writings authentic,” Saudhullah said.

Saudhullah advised that invading people's privacy while writing an article is against the interests of society and those interests should be protected.

Pointing out that writing to protect the rights of people is the responsibility of the writer, he said that knowledge should be protected and passed on to the next generation.

“What is needed is not a lot of writing in the book. What is needed are thoughts. What is needed is ideas,” Saudhullah said.