Siyam: People will benefit from utility companies giving more jobs

Siyam speaking at R. Dhuvaafaru on August 23, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

MDA’s President Ahmed Siyam Mohamed has said that companies that provide utility services giving more jobs is not a problem and that it will ultimately benefit the general public.

Speaking at R. Dhuvaafaru last night, Siyam said one of the concerns raised by the opposition is that the government is giving too many jobs to the people from companies such as Fenaka.

Siyam said that even in other countries, utility service companies give more jobs as well. He also said that developed countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa provide water, sewerage, and electricity for a very small price.

“They don’t have to spend even five percent of their income on water and electricity. Why is that the way it is. Those countries are not providing these services to make companies for a profit. Those companies are not there to make profits,” Siyam said.

He further said that prior to 2018, he saw that people had to pay large amounts just for these services.

“After paying for these bills, you are unable to buy the things your children want, things your family wants, and things that make you feel good, and spending all your money on water and electric bill and rent,” Siyam said.

However, the government is making use of the many employees at Stelco and other companies to provide basic services, he said.

He said that the number of employees is still low.

“I still think, Honorable President, the number of employees in these companies is low,” Siyam said.

Siam has proposed to increase the number of jobs in basic services companies.

“That should be because I hope there will be 100 employees in the future where now there are 50 employees in a Fenaka office,” Siyam said.

He said that this will benefit the people.