Medical officer from MNDF dies unexpectedly

Sergeant Mohamed Ahmed Didi. (Photo/MNDF)

Sergeant Mohamed Ahmed Didi, a medical officer of the Maldives National Defence Force, passed away suddenly last night.

A media official from MNDF told Sun that the officer that passed away was 45-year-old Sergeant Mohamed Ahmed Didi.

He is from GDh. Fiyoaree.

The media official further said that Mohamed was taken to Indhira Ghandi Memorial Hospital after he suddenly lost consciousness while he was loading something onto a boat docked at North Narbour while on leave. He passed away while receiving medical treatment at IGMH.

“He was on leave. He fell unconscious while trying to load something on a ship in North Harbor today. Then he died shortly after being taken to IGMH,” the media official said.

At the time of passing, Mohamed had dutifully served in MNDF for over 26 years.

The official said Mohammed is an incomparable example and he is always attentive to his work.