President Solih: Will develop human resources required for various sectors in second term

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaks at a campaign rally in GDh. Nadella. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Tuesday, cited the development of human resources as the most important step towards the development of a ‘Ufaavari, Amaan Raajje’, which translates to a happy and peaceful Maldives.

Speaking to residents of Nadella during a visit to the island as part of his ongoing campaign tour of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll – President Solih said his administration’s goal was to establish a happy and peaceful Maldives. Noting that the development of infrastructural resources required in this trajectory is nearing completion, the president stressed that the next step was to develop human resources.

He detailed that many changes have been brought to the development of human resources within the current five-year term, particularly emphasizing the opportunities the current administration has facilitated in terms of higher education.

“The previous administrations have not facilitated state-funded free higher education opportunities to even a single middle-class student. The opportunities are extended to a student from well-off families. Or to a friend,” he said.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (C) at a campaign rally in GDh. Nadella. (Photo/MDP)

President Solih, noting his administration has changed this practice, said all students who wish to pursue higher education will have that chance.

He added that a priority will be allocated during the next term to increase and develop human resources, after identifying the sectors in need of it.

Speaking with respect to Nadella, President Solih said the scene he witness today, at the island, was the residents working towards the establishment of a happy and peaceful Maldives.

His pledges for Madeveli in his second term include;

  • Development of an outdoor volley court and an outdoor gym
  • Addressing erosion on the island
  • Re-developing major roads on the islands up to modern standards
  • Development of rowhouses
  • Development of a mosque
  • Expanding the island’s harbor
  • Development of a multipurpose hall

President Solih said since assuming office in 2018, he has been bringing revolutionary changes to each constituency; which he stressed were changes evidence whether be it the economy or the infrastructure.

The president also highlighted strides achieved by the administration in decentralized governance and the empowerment of local councils.

“We listen to the island council and residents of the islands before making decisions regarding the respective island,” he added.