Police: New traffic lights will save wait-time

According to the police, the newly-installed traffic lights at the Sinamale’ Bridge saves wait-time for motorists.

Head of the Police Road Engineering Unit, Sub-Inspector of Police Ilyas Abdulla said the new “arrow traffic lights” offer multiple conveniences.

Ilyas said the previous traffic lights had worked for one lane at a time, and that the traffic police had to be deployed to signal “free lane” to allow the flow of traffic from both lanes at the same time.

He said that with the new traffic lights, the free lane is always moving, cutting down the time motorists have to wait in queue.

Ilyas said that motorists just need to wait in the right lane.

“Two lines will work separately. So, wait in your chosen lane. Otherwise, it will cause difficulties for the motorists behind you,” he said.

Ilyas said that the police did not have much information regarding the operational functions of the old traffic lights, and that there wasn’t a way for them to control the lights.

He noted that the new light system has a countdown timer, so the motorists are clear on how much time they have to wait.

Many of the road accidents in the greater Male’ area also occur near the bridge traffic lights.

The Maldivian capital has seen 1,147 accidents so far this year.