The Democrats to open applications for presidential primary in 2-3 days

The Democrats' Interim Chairperson Hassan Latheef (R) captured at an event of the party. (Sun Photo)

Interim Chairperson of the new political party, ‘The Democrats’, states the party will open applications for its presidential primary which will determine the party’s candidate who will contest in the upcoming presidential elections within the next two to three days.

Speaking after the first meeting of the party’s interim council – Hassan Latheef said the party’s candidate will be determined through an internal election. In this trajectory, he said the party will open applications for its primary within then next two to three days.

However, he detailed that the date of the primary will be set by the Elections Committee.

Important committees of the party, including the Elections Committee, were constituted during last night’s interim council meeting.

‘The Democrats’ is a political party formed by supporters of Parliament Speaker, former president Mohamed Nasheed who defected from main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) after major disagreements with pro-government members.

Although no members of ‘The Democrats’ have expressed interest in contesting in a presidential primary, many believe that party’s candidate in the upcoming presidential election will be Nasheed, who formally joined the party last Thursday.