President pledges to develop resort near Kolhufushi

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits M. Kolhufushi on July 15, 2023. (Photo/Campaign Team)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had pledged to develop a resort near M. Kolhufushi if re-elected for a second term, which would allow residents of the Kolhufushi to seek employment closer to their home island.

In his visit to Kolhufushi as part of a campaign tour of M. Atoll on Saturday, President Solih highlighted on the devastating impact the 2004 tsunami had on the island.

He has the tsunami “destroyed” Kolhufushi, resulting in the halt to the years-long profession of fishing in the island.

He promised to develop a tourist resort near Kolhufushi, which would create employment opportunities for the residents of the island, closer to home.

President Solih said that there had been “numerous crimes” in the lease of islands during the previous administration, including the sale of three islands in M. Atoll as one island.

He said the islands remained undeveloped to date.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits M. Kolhufushi on July 15, 2023. (Photo/Campaign Team)

In addition to a resort, the president also pledged to develop 50 housing units in Kolhufushi, and conduct a conservation project, and develop the roads of the island.

He highlighted on the successful conclusion of three projects in the island during his current term; a project to develop eight additional classrooms and a multi-purpose hall at the M. Atoll Madrasa, a project to develop coastal protection structures, and a project to establish a water system.

President said it was human nature for people want to live in the island they are born in, regardless of the size of the population or better options.

He said it was therefore crucial to develop the islands.

The president said that between 2013 and 2018, islands with small populations were deemed “hopeless”.

He said that his administration, in contrast, has been running development projects across Maldives, regardless of size.

“I believe each and every citizen has the right to access basic services,” he said.