Chemotherapy service launched at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital

Chemotherapy service launched at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital.

Chemotherapy service has been launched at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital (KRH).

The hospital, noting the service was launched on Monday morning, said a woman from a regional island has received treatment so far.

The hospital, stressing its intention to ensure a safe environment to provide chemotherapy service, detailed its chemotherapy unit was developed in line with the recommendations from technical experts working in Hulhumale’ Hospital.

In this regard, a separate area was constructed and installed with biosafety cabinets. Staff have been introduced to SOPs and guidelines they are to follow in the provision of the service while nurses, who will provide the service, have been given special training.

KRH states the provision of chemotherapy service by the hospital will provide significant easements to cancer patients and their families based in the region as it will effectively eliminate the need to travel to capital Male’ to receive the service.

Three atolls in the vicinity of KRH comprises of over 40 islands with a population of over 70,000.