Mitsotakis' conservative party wins landslide victory in Greek elections

A view of the Greek parliament, in Athens, Greece, Saturday, June 24, 2023. (AP Photo/Michael Varaklas)

In Greece’s general elections, the conservative New Democracy party led by former Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has won a landslide victory with around 80 percent of the votes counted so far.

According to the results announced by the Interior Ministry on Sunday, the New Democracy party won 40.48 percent of the votes, with SYRIZA gaining 17.85 percent, down from 20.07 percent from previous elections held on May 21.

As such, the New Democracy won an outright majority in the parliament to form a single-party government.

The social democratic PASOK party received 12.06 percent, while the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) could be the fourth largest with 7.57 percent of the votes.

Meanwhile, the far-right Spartans party, which was openly backed by imprisoned lawmaker Ilias Kasidiaris of the banned neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, won over 4.72 percent of the votes and entered the parliament for the first time.

Also, the far-right, populist Greek Solution party and the far-right, religious Niki (Victory) party were others that passed the 3 percent electoral threshold and entered the parliament, with 4.5 percent and 3.74 percent, respectively.

The polls also show that the Sailing for Freedom party founded by former Parliament Speaker Zoe Constantopoulou secured seats in the parliament with 3.14 percent, while the MeRA25 led by Tsipras’ former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis stayed out of the parliament with 2.41 percent.

The turnout rate in Sunday's elections was only 51.8 percent, down from 61.1percent in the May 21 elections.


Source: TRT