Taxi driver dies in accident in Hulhumale’

A fatal road accident takes place in Hulhumale' on June 20, 2023. (Sun Photo)

An accident took place in Hulhumale’ on Tuesday, resulting in the death of a taxi driver.

The accident, which took place near the Platinum Residences on Hithigasmagu, near the causeway to Hulhumale’ Phase II, was reported to police at 05:47 pm Tuesday.

The accident involved a collision between two cars. One of the cars, an Avas Ride taxi, spun out of control and crashed into the road divider.

The taxi driver, a 65-year-old Maldivian male, was already deceased when taken to the Hulhumale’ Hospital.

The hospital reports total three people were brought in with injuries from the accident. It confirms one fatality.

According to the police, the two other people taken to the hospital were in the other car involved in the crash.