China's first home-built passenger jet makes maiden commercial flight

A Comac C919, China's first large passenger jet, flies away on its first commercial flight from the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai, on May 28, 2023. (Photo/Reuters)

China's homegrown narrow-body jet C919 has taken off on its first commercial flight, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

China Eastern Airlines flight MU9191 rose into the skies above Shanghai Hongqiao Airport on Sunday just after 10:30 am [0230 GMT], footage from state broadcaster CCTV showed.

The plane, operated by China Eastern Airlines, is bound for Beijing.

The plane is carrying over 130 passengers on China Eastern Airlines flight MU9191 to Beijing's Capital International Airport, CCTV said.

The flight is expected to land at its destination at 1:10 pm [0510 GMT], according to the airline's website.

Footage broadcast by state media showed dozens of passengers gathering at the sun-drenched Shanghai airfield to admire the sleek white jet.

They then filed into the narrow-body plane, which taxied to the runway before taking off.

Passengers received red boarding passes and will enjoy a sumptuous "themed meal" to commemorate the flight, CCTV reported.

China has invested heavily in the production of the homegrown jet as it seeks to become self-sufficient in key technologies.


Source: TRT