57 soldiers advised off the record under military justice system

Flag hoisting and guard mounting ceremony at the Victory Day Monument on November 3. (Sun photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has revealed that cases have been filed after reprimanding 57 soldiers from the military off the record under the military justice system that has been established. 

Speaking at the ceremony held to celebrate the Adjutant General Corps’ anniversary, Minister Mariya underscored the main reason behind the introduction of a fair military justice system as to grant the person, whom the report is made against, to defend themselves.

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi speaking at the ceremony held to celebrate the AGC's anniversary.

Additionally, it is also aimed at paving path for appeal, if the accused is unhappy with the decision. 

She further said that the purpose of the system is not to penalize the accused in every case reported.

“Depending on the nature and type of the accusation and the criminal record of the accused, the system allows not to pursue the case further after reprimanding. I have been informed that 57 cases have been filed after reprimanding the accused off the record,” Mariya said.

She said this provides them with an opportunity to reform their behavior. 

Speaking further, Minister Mariya described the military personnel as the defenders of the Maldives’ laws. Therewith, she said they should not be swayed by politics and set examples in following the laws and regulations of Maldives. 

Mariya said that one of their main priorities after the current administration took office had been to strengthen soldiers' welfare.

In line with this, she noted that regulations on housing allowance for soldiers and leave in case of serious health issues have been positively improved. 

“Many of the hardships that the army had to endure in the past over such issues have been resolved,’ Mariya said.

She also said that the work to bring about a positive change in the salaries of the army is being carried out at a very fast pace.

“The President also recently stated that positive changes will be brought to the salaries of soldiers under the government's pay harmonization initiative. God willing, this change will be implemented soon to benefit the soldiers,” Mariya further stated.

Minister Mariya also underscored the importance of the responsibilities undertaken by Army Adjutant General Corps.

From the ceremony held to celebrate the AGC's anniversary.

On this note, she said Arts and Ceremonial Unit established Adjutant General Corps by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was established for the purpose of promoting and protecting Maldives’ culture and heritage within the military. 

She said that their initiative was aimed at end the previous neglect of such areas and to make sure they flourish.

“Therefore, the AG Corps is the oldest working service in the army, although it is the last main service to be established with a specific name given to it. The army also works at the national level to preserve Dhvehi culture and customs,” Mariya said.

Mariya even stated that the AG Corps' work will bring great progress to the Maldivian armed forces.