Island Aviation: will restock jet-fuel at Maafaru Airport by tomorrow

A plane of the runway of N. Maafaru airport. The airport was opened as an international one that can accommodate Airbus A320 and Boeing 737s, on December 1, 2019. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The operator of Maafaru Airport - Island Aviation has revealed facing difficulties in getting jet-fuel, but assures will have from Monday onwards. 

Agents of private jets have expressed concerns over obstacles to landing in Maafaru Airport due to the lack of jet-fuel. 

Sun has come to know that it has been about three days since this issue.

Addressing this with Sun, the Deputy Managing Director of Island Aviation Aishath Jennifer confirmed that there were difficulties in getting fuel from the airport in question. She revealed that in order to solve this, they began work to transport fuel to the airport on Sunday night. 

Hence, she revealed that jet-fuel will be available again at Maafaru Airport sometime Monday. 

While Island Aviation has not made any comments on the reason why fuel is not available, Sun has uncovered through a credible source that this was due to their supplier STO refusing to provide supply. 

Furthermore, the source stated that this was because of unsettled funds on Island Aviations end after purchasing from STO. 

As there are numerous resorts in the vicinity of Maafaru, private jets often frequent the airport.