Urbanco threatens with repossessing flats for throwing cigarette filters

People wait for the elevator at a Hiyaa flat. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Urbanco has threatened to repossess Hiyaa units if tenants are found to be throwing still-lit cigarette filters after smoking.

A fire broke out at H7 Hiyaa tower on Friday night – the second of its kind in April – as a result of waste stored on the balcony of a first-floor apartment in the tower catching on fire. The cause of ignition, in both cases, has been identified as still-lit cigarette filters being thrown on top of the waste from upper-floor units.

Expressing concern over the matter, Urbanco’s Public Relations Manager Ahmed Mimrah told Sun on Friday night the company will not tolerate such acts. In this trajectory, he said severe punishment will be imposed on tenants found to be throwing still-lit cigarette filters after smoking including repossessing their respective units.

“An act carried out for the pleasure of one person is inciting fear among thousands of people who are staying up in fear for their lives,” he stressed.

“As soon as we identify who, from which flat, the most serve action will be taken. This is not a matter that can be let go of. Urbanco will take the most severe action possible under the agreement whether it be repossessing the flat, fining, or something else. One citizen is not important for us, but thousands are,” he went on.

Mimrah said that tenants should be well aware of the dangers their careless acts should pose. Therewith, he emphasized there will be no leniency in taking action.

He underscored that a fire in Hiyaa towers will be different from a fire anywhere else as thousands of people live in the region. He also assured that Urbanco’s taking constant action to ensure the safety of Hiyaa tenants.