Kaizeen refuses to back down, takes dad to High Court

Fathimath Zayan Ibrahim (Kaizeen).

Social media influencer and model Fathimath Zayan Ibrahim, better known as Kaizeen, has appealed the decision by the Civil Court to deny an injunction in the lawsuit against her father over ownership of a boat.

Kaizeen filed the lawsuit against her father, Ibrahim Ali Fulhu, in December 2022.

Kaizeen claims her father had registered a boat procured using MVR 3.6 million she provided, to his own name without her consent.

The court granted an injunction instructing Transport Ministry not to make any changes to the boat’s registration pending the court’s decision in the case.

Kaizeen had asked the court to transfer the boat’s registration to her name. However, the court denied the request, citing its previous injunction which bars any decision that could affect the ownership of the boat.

She has appealed the decision with the High Court.

Ibrahim argues that though Kaizeen claims he had merely asked as her agent in the purchase of the boat, it was his name in the purchase agreement as the purchaser. He said it shows he hadn’t acted as her agent in the transaction.

He also argued that hadiths regarding the use of children’s property by their parents show parents cannot be sued for the use of their children’s property.