Police seize over four kilos of drugs from 10 places in Male’

Drugs seized by police during a special operation in Male' City on March 4, 2023. (Photo/Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed)

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has revealed that four kilos of drugs were seized during a special operation carried out in Male’ City on last Saturday – which saw searches of 10 locations.

CP Hameed, in a tweet, on Tuesday, said that a special operation was carried out on March 4th after receiving intelligence of drug trafficking. He detailed that 10 locations in Male’ were searched during the operations from which 4.097 kilos of drugs were seized.

Five Maldivian men have been arrested in connection to the case, he also said.

While drug trafficking cases have been increasing with each passing day – Home Minister Imran Abdulla, at Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting, had warned kingpins of drug trafficking networks. Stating that authorities will not back down on efforts to dismantle such networks – he noted that political figures and senior officials from businesses and organizations were involved in managing such networks.