Nahula, Ameen, Saud, Shah and Iqbal elected JP’s deputy leaders

JP holds its congress on February 24, 2023. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Jumhoory Party (JP) has elected five deputy leaders.

The voting took place during JP’s congress at Dharubaaruge on Saturday. Voting began at 09:30 am and ended 04:30 pm.

The race for deputy leader had been the most competitive vote, with 12 contenders.

The five candidates who won are:

  • Aishath Nahula: 558 votes
  • Ameen Ibrahim: 327 votes
  • Ali Shah: 277 votes
  • Iqbal Adam: 263 votes
  • Ahmed Saud: 275 votes

Meanwhile, the other candidates received:

  • Hassan Mughnee: 255 votes
  • Abdulla Ahmed: 258 votes
  • Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafy): 143 votes
  • Hussain Rasheed Hassan: 147 votes
  • Ali Hameed: 198 votes
  • Yashfa Abdul Ghanee: 138 votes
  • Moosa Nizar: 102 votes

Four candidates secured automatic election after running unopposed, including JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim – who was elected for a fourth term.

The others were Abdulla Yameen – who was elected president of JP’s youth league, Shuaib Shifaz Shareef – who was elected vice president of JP’s youth league, and Aishath Shooza Ahmed – who was elected secretary of JP’s women’s league.

JP concluded its congress Saturday night after voting in favor of advising the party’s council to contest the upcoming presidential election independently, and not as part of a coalition.