Mondhu: SSNET will have popular channels among locals


Newly licensed cable TV service, SSNET, has stated that the most popular channels among locals will be available through the service as final preparations are underway to launch the service.

The operator of SSNET, Sun Siyam Media’s Chief Operating Officer Mohamed Asif (Mondhu), on Sunday, reiterated the availability of the most popular channels among Maldivians through SSNET.

News channels available on SSNET include CNN, BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, France 24, RT TV and ABC Australia among others. Business news channels on the other hand include Bloomberg and CNBC among others. Children’s channels include Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and other cartoon channels. Some other popular channels available on SSNET include Cinema World, Comedy Central, Colors’ channels and MTV.

Efforts are also underway to get approval for additional channels including Al Quran and other channels from Saudi Arabia.

Mondhu noted that so far, out of the 100 channels submitted, BroadCom has given approval for 48 of them. Therewith, SSNET awaits on approval for an additional 71 channels.

“SSNET will provide a service that would be well-received by Maldivians. The most important thing is providing quality services at a cheap price. SSNET’s channels will be very clear. SSNET’s content will be crystal clear,” he said.

Mondhu said that final preparations were presently underway to launch SSNET service. He cited the most important work carried out as part of preparations for the launch as securing content with extensive discussions being held with multiple parties for the purpose. He assured non-stop effort to further diversify SSNET’s content.

While Dhiraagu TV service will cease tonight – all channels provided by Dhiraagu TV will be available on SSNET. Mondhu assured the commitment to providing quality services similar to that of Dhiraagu TV.

Underscoring that many Dhiraagu TV customers switched to SS Net – Mondhu emphasized the huge support received by Dhiraagu TV customers. He noted that while many have switched to SS Net already, many also await to switch later on.

However, Mondhu stressed possible overload if Dhiraagu TV customers wait till the last minute to switch to SSNET, which could also result in service interruptions. Therewith, he advised Dhiraagu TV customers to make their switch ahead of time.

While SSNET service will launch at midnight tonight – customers can view all channels for free throughout February. Mondhu said that SSNET’s packages and their prices will be disclosed in the first week of next month. He assured that the packages would be priced reasonably.

Should BroadCom approve all channels requested by SSNET – the service will be launched will a total of 119 channels, free-of-charge.