EPA calls to remove waste gathered by Male’ City Council

The waste gathered by Male' City Council. (photo / social media)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday orders the Male’ City council to removal waste collected and gathered by the council.

Photographs surfaced on Wednesday, January 25, have been circulating on social media of waste piled on to an area adjacent to the ‘Edhuruhiyaa’ housing flats in Male’ City.

On Thursday afternoon, the City Council received a letter from EPA, asking to remove the waste from the area.

When questioned by Sun regarding this, a media official from the council Mariyam Shiuna said that the letter stated that storing and managing waste should be done with EPA permission. She added that the council will be acting in compliance with EPA requests.

However, Shiuna went on to express belief that EPA should indicate an area where such waste can be place.

In addition to this, she also addressed the pictures on social media. Noting that the waste was on council land, she said that WAMCO did not allow their lorries carrying the waste to go through and empty into the barge.

“Because there was no way to empty the waste to the barge, it was kept on council lands. That can be emptied any day.”

Speaking further in this regard, Shiuna noted that they faced difficulties in emptying waste into the barge on daily basis and accused WAMCO of obstructing the council’s work.