243 ballot boxes to be placed for MDP’s primary

Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Photo/President's Office)

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), on Monday night, confirmed that over 200 ballot boxes will be placed for their presidential primary.

The main ruling party said that 49 ballot boxes will be placed in Male’ area for the primary scheduled for January 28th.

These ballot boxes will be placed at Ameeniyya School, Centre of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Maldives National University (MNU), Iskandar School, Imaadhudhin School, Hiriya School, Maafannu Madharsa, Izzudheen School, Thaajudheen School, Rehendhi School and Muheedheen School.

While ballot boxes are planned to be kept at schools in atolls – voting in the presidential primary will kick off at 9:00am to continue till 5:00om on January 28th.

Two candidates will face off the in the primary; President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and MDP’s leader, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

MDP states that over 57,000 members are eligible to vote in the primary.