Man who broke into MIRA sentenced after being arrested for different crime

A man being arrested by Maldives Police Service. (Sun File Photo)

It has been revealed that Criminal court sentenced the man who broke into Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) office after he was apprehended on suspicion of another crime.

and stole 25 Rufiyaa in August 2022

The break-in of the MIRA office took place past midnight on August 8, 2022. The person who only stole MVR 25, and t was apprehended for the crime was Mohamed Aslam from Dhekula Araage, S. Hithadhoo.

He was charged with breaking and entering and damage to property. While he has accepted both charges, Aslam said that he committed these crimes while he was under the influence.

He was detained for 29 days during the investigation of that case and was ultimately released. He was brought into custody yesterday under accusations of damage to property and theft. The Criminal Court even approved an additional 15 days for his detainment.

After being taken into custody, and with increased jail time, he was sentenced for the previous two charges against him.

Aslam was sentenced to 27 days in jail for the damage to property and 18 days for the crime of intentionally breaking and entering.

Despite being sentenced to a total of four months and 15 days in jail, after deducting the time he spent in custody during the investigation, he will only have to spend three months and 15 days.