VP Faisal: Places unsuitable for residential areas still exist in Male', will relocate them

Vice President Faisal Naseem speaks to the press at the site of Neelan Fihaara following a major fire at the secondhand market on January 9, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

Underscoring that places that are unsuitable for residential areas still exist in Male’ City – Vice President Faisal has reiterated the government's intent to relocate them.

Speaking to press at Neelan Fihaara area where a major fire broke out on Monday morning – VP Faisal said that efforts were underway to relocate such places under a stipulated plan.

He noted that places such as warehouses have already been relocated under these efforts.

“It is mandatory to make arrangements so that these sorts of incidents can be avoided,” he added.

“Will work according to the plan in line with this thinking,” VP Faisal also said.

The government’s plan is to relocate places unsuitable for residential areas to Gulhifalhu once Thilamale’ Bridge is completed.

The fire at Neelan Fihaara broke at approximately 5:30am early Monday morning and was controlled by 7:30am through a collaborative effort of MNDF, police and the public. With resources in Male’ insufficient to control the fire, a former from Velana International Airport (VIA) was transported to the site to extinguish the blaze.

The fire also spread to an accommodation block of Male’ City Council staff, which had completely destroyed in the incident. None of the staff residing at the accommodation block was injured in the fire.

Male’ City Council reported that the accommodation block housed 166 staff. They have all been moved from the area to Imaadhudhin School for temporary shelter.

Two major fires broke out at Neelan Fihaara in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Both incidents were suspected to be arson.