Nasheed vows 1000 tourist beds for Fuvahmulah

Former President, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed speaking at a gathering in Fuvahmulah. (Sun photo / Mohamed Naail HUssain)

Former President, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on Tuesday vowed 1000 tourist beds for Fuvahmulah.

Nasheed who is contesting in the upcoming primary of Maldivian Democratic Party for this year’s Presidential Elections is currently on a campaign tour in Fuvahmulah.

During a meeting held with his supporters in the Dhoondigamu district, Nasheed claimed that the government did not follow through with the planned work to fulfil the vow made to increase tourist beds for Fuvahmulah.

Speaking further in this regard, he said that it is not that no work was done, but no substantial work has been done to date to fulfil that pledge.

“We believe, we will be able to bring that change. Everything else is present in Fuvahmulah. There is space. There is beauty. There is the weather. There is the ocean. People for construction work. There are labourers. And in my opinion, there is money too.”

Nasheed said that he is out today in order to fulfil that vow made to the people of Fuvahmulah.

“I want to give assurance to the people of Fuvahmulah,”

“God willing, I do not believe it will be difficult to make Fuvahmulah a city with at least 1000 beds.”

Currently, there are only 262 tourist beds in Fuvahmulah.

Both Nasheed and his opponent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih have kicked off their campaign, and have been meeting and interacting with people from across the nation.

The primary is set to be held on January 28, 2023. This primary has further cracked the division of segments within the biggest political party of Maldives.