MNDF: 1000l of oil spilt into Male’ lagoon

The oil spilt near the Presidential jetty in Male'. (Photo /MNDF)

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) on Monday noted that 1000 litres of oil were spilt into the Male’ lagoon, near the presidential jetty.

According to MNDF, the work by Coastguard to retrieve the spilt oil was still ongoing without any interruptions.

While 1000 litres of oil has been spilt and spread from the jetty area, all the way to the Male’ market region, MNDF noted that so far 400 litres of oil have been removed.

As per MNDF, they received reports of a large amount of oil at around 0910 hrs on Sunday.

Subsequently, Coastguard divers and the oil pollution response team kicked off the task to remove the spilt oil.

Retraction of the remaining oil near the presidential jetty is being done with the use of a boom, detailed MNDF earlier.