Police officer who allegedly demanded MVR 100K from suspect found not guilty

Police officers patrol a street in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Criminal Court has found the police officer who allegedly demanded a foreigner brought into custody to pay for the dismissal of the case not guilty

The incident took place on October 19, 2019. As per the charges, the officer had claimed that a suspect arrested on suspicions of prostitution and subsequently taken to a custodial facility could be released without any action following a payment of MVR 100,000.

However, at the time of the arrest, the suspect was only carrying MVR 10,000. The claim states that the suspect was released after taking this money, under the agreement that an additional MVR 20,000 would be paid late.

Upon release, the suspect, as per the claim, had reported the events to the police. On that night, the suspect had gone to handover the remaining money with officers in plain clothes.

The police officer in question had traveled via a car to the location of the foreigner; nearby Ameene Magu Dhiraagu headquarters. However, upon spotting the officers in plain clothing, the officer fled the area.

The prosecution submitted a significant to prove the claim. However, the foreigner involved in the case had left the Maldives before the conclusion of the case, as a result of which the foreigner did not give testimony in court.

The police officer was charged with robbery, and attempted robbery in connection to the case.

Criminal Court concluded the office not guilty of both charges on Sunday, citing lack of evidence beyond reasonable doubt to provide he robbed the foreigner, or attempted to rob the foreigner.