Rafiyya: The country needs a leader capable of revolutionary change like Siyam

Maldives Development Alliance's (MDA) President Deputy President Ahmed Siyam Mohamed and Deputy President Dr. Aishath Raffiyya. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Deputy President of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA)) Aishath Rafiyya has remarked that only the party’s leader, parliamentary representative for Meedhoo constituency Ahmed Siyam Mohamed can bring a revolutionary change to the Maldives.

In a video message sent out via Facebook – Rafiyya said that Siyam is a visionary leader, daring enough to take risks. She added that he was also a successful businessman, boasting critical thinking.

“Amongst tourists – almost 100,000 to 90,000 tourists traveled to Sun Siyam’s resorts. Am saying to our president’s resorts,” she had said.

She detailed that the tourists who traveled to these resorts were provided five-star luxury services including accommodation.

Citing the aforementioned reasons – Rafiyya posed the question as to how a person capable of attending to such a large number of tourists and making a profit after paying taxes to the state will be unable to take care of the approximate 500,000 people of the Maldives.

Rafiyya also underscored the positive changes brought by Siyam to his constituency, Meedhoo.

In this regard, she said Siyam has facilitated much economic and social development to the constituency.

Criticizing the current administration in her message – Raffiya said that the administration blames all unfulfilled pledges on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this, Rafiyya pointed out the magnitude of foreign aid received by the Maldives throughout the pandemic.

“Hence, what I have to ask is what was done to the tax money received during this period. What was done should be evident, right?” she had said.