HDC signs agreements to build mosques in Hulhumale’ Phase 2

At the agreement signing ceremony between HDC and Sunfront. (Photo / HDC)

The Housing Development Corporation on Sunday signed agreements with two companies to build mosques in Hulhumale’ Phase 2.

During a special ceremony held, the projects were granted to Sun Front Pvt Ltd and Veligaa Hardware.

On behalf of HDC, the company’s Managing Director Ahmed Athif signed the agreements. Meanwhile, from Sun Front the company's Managing Director Mohamed Rashaad signed, and Veligaa’s Director Aboobakuru Mohamed singed.

Sunfront has agreed to building a 22,395 square feet mosque, which can accmodate over 2,000 people at once. This mosque is to be developed under an Islamic center concept, and will use solar energy to generate power. A special area will be build within the mosque dedicted for women.

Agreement signing between HDC and Veligaa Hardware to develop a mosque in Hulhumale' Phase 2. (Photo / HDC)

The Veligaa Hardwar’s mosque is to be 15,457 square feet. The mosque will be able to accommodate 2,200 worshippers at a time, and would also use soloar energy to generate power. This mosque too, will have a special area build for women.

Speaking at the ceremony, HDC’s MD Athif noted the suppoer received by private companies in builging mosques.