Public protests at Madaveli alleging Abdulla’s death is a result of police negligence

Abdulla Rasheed, 43, Swan, GDh. Hoadedhoo's body who died whilst in police custody inside an ambulance. (Photo/A reader)

An enraged public is protesting at GDh. Hoadedhoo alleging that the death Abdulla Rasheed, 43, Swan, GDh. Hoadedhoo, whilst in police custody was a result of negligence.

A resident who spoke to Sun from Madaveli said that over 100 people including both Madaveli and Hoadedhoo residents are protesting near the island’s health centre.

The resident stated that the public suspects Abdulla dies as a result of negligence by the police.

“Two other people were arrested alongside him. When he was escorted inside the speedboat, he informed the police of chest pain. In response, the police said he was acting,” the resident detailed.

GDh. Hoadedhoo and GDh. Madaveli residents protest near GDh. Madaveli Health Centre alleging police negligence in the death of death Abdulla Rasheed, 43, Swan, Hoadedhoo, who died whilst in custody. (Photo/A reader)

The resident further detailed that bystanders who were at the harbour when Abdulla was arrested had requested the police to take him to the health centre – which they had not responded to.

The resident also stated that the public does not believe Abdulla to be a criminal offender, or involved in any criminal activities. 

It was also noted by the resident that the team of police officers had arrived at Madaveli from Thinadhoo to conduct forensic examinations of Abdulla’s body.

“But the family does not wish the forensic examinations to be conducted by the police here. This is as they do not trust police officers based here,” the resident had said.

The resident added that the officers are transporting Abdulla’s body to Thinadhoo for the forensic examination.

Abdulla Rasheed, 43, Swan, GDh. Hoadedhoo's body who died whilst in police custody being boarded inside a speedboat by police. (Photo/A reader)

In a message shared with the press on Tuesday evening, the Police said that Abdulla who was taken into custody earlier in the day had complained of chest pain, and showed signs of seizure following which he was taken to Madaveli Health Centre.

They added that the doctor who examined him confirmed that he was already dead when brought to the health centre.

Police said that the death has been notified to the National Integrity Commission and Human Rights Commission of the Maldives – requesting further investigation.

Abdulla is Hoadedhoo’s PPM Steering Committee’s President.

Home Minister Imran Abdulla, via tweet, announced that an investigation has been ordered into Abdulla’s death, to identify possible negligence. He stressed that should negligence or brutality be uncovered during the investigation – he will not shy away from taking necessary actions against those implicated.