MRM: Leaving for internal elections of other parties unacceptable

Former Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has expressed concerns over some members leaving the party in order to participate in the internal elections of other political parties.

The party stated on Saturday that new members would be always welcomed by them. However, leaving the party for other internal elections was not acceptable manner.

Furthermore, MRM urged members of the party not do to so.

MRM was among the parties given notice by the Election Commission earlier this year for not having the legally mandated 3,000 registered members.

At the time, the party only had 2,300 members. But before their three months were up, MRM was able to reach its target membership.

Election Commission’s statistics reveal that until July 31, MRM had 3,155 registered members.