Tiktoker Nabeel released from custody citing he is not a threat to society

Criminal Court of the Maldives on February 15, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

TikToker Mohamed Nabeel, 37, G. Kamara, K. Male’, who was arrested for posting explicit content of himself on social media was not remanded, and released from custody citing he is not a threat to the society.

Nabeel was arrested for a second time for posting explicit content on social media on last Wednesday.

At his remand hearing held at the Criminal Court on Thursday, Judge Ali Nadheem ordered Nabeel’s release from custody citing the absence of chance of him being a threat to any other person within the society. Absence of harm to another person from Nabeel, therewith, considered him as a lack of threat to the society.

During the hearing, Police stressed lack of cooperation from Nabeel when he was under arrest – including refusal to disclose his phone’s lock code. As a result, the Police said there were chances of him fleeing due course of investigation.

Criminal Court’s order, however, read that refusal to disclose phone’s lock code and fleeing has no correlation.

Another reason cited by the police when requesting Nabeel’s remand in custody was the possibility of him influencing witnesses in the case.

Witnesses in the case have been stated as Nabeel’s family members and people watching his social media livestreams. However, Police had failed to established that Nabeel was capable of influencing his family members in such a manner. As the people watching his livestreams are unknown to Nabeel, the judge ruled out any possibilities of him influencing them.

Nabeel was initially arrested in last September, for indecent exposure on a TikTok video.

He was granted conditional release by the Criminal Court on October, citing they saw no reason to keep him in custody any further. Back then, the Court ordered two-month social media ban on Nabeel.