Eight applications received for vacant judge’s post at Civil Court

Justice Building, an office complex which houses the Civil Court. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

Eight individuals have applied for the vacant judge’s post at Civil Court in response to the job announcement made by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

The eight applicants are;

  • Ali Naseer, Gardenia Villa, B. Kihaadhoo
  • Abdulla Zahir, Dhafthar No. RS 9175
  • Mohamed Vidhan Shakir, H. Hudhufinifenmaage, K. Male’
  • Adam Zalif, Orchidmaage, GA. Gemanafushi
  • Ali Nadheem. H. Gloriosa 2, K. Male’
  • Nafeel Mohamed, Lucky Home, GA. Dhaandhoo
  • Sinaan Ali, Sandalwood, GDh. Fiyaori
  • Ahmed Mausoom, Haveeree Manzil, L. Maabaidhoo

A judge is being sought for Civil Court following the resignation of Zubair Mohamed who was serving as the Chief Judge of the court.

Zubair resigned from his post as a Civil Court judge effective of July 17.

At the time of resignation – he has served as a judge for more than 14 years.

In this regard, he served as a magistrate at F. Dharanbudhoo Magistrate Court and as the Chief Magistrate at Haa Dhaalu and Dhaalu Judicial Constituency. Apart from this, he also served at both Drug Court and Criminal Court.

Zubair was appointed to the Civil Court in 2015.

Subsequent to Zubair’s resignation, Judge Nimal Junaid has been appointed acting-Chief Judge of the Civil Court.