Islamic Ministry instructs some mosques to keep prayers silent

Masjid al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu al- Auzam (Islamic Center) in Male’ City. (Sun Photo)

Ministry of Islamic Affairs has instructed Imams at some of the mosques to keep prayers silent.

Speaking about the issue with Sun, the spokesperson for Islamic Ministry Ismail Afrah said that the instruction was not for all the mosques.

“Imams of mosques where neighbouring residents have complained were asked to hold prayers silently. That is because we get complaints from some people.”

Moreover, he noted that it was not a general policy to broadcast prayers loud enough to be heard outside of mosques.

Additionally, he said that some mosques do not cut off the loudspeaker after calling prayers, and so it becomes very loud in the area.

However, the loudspeakers are only to be used to call for prayers, said Afrah.

It is unclear which mosques were asked to keep prayers silent.