Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef app now available on iPad, tablet

Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef.

Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef, the official Dhivehi language dictionary application, has been launched to iPad and tablet in a bid to expand access.

The app, developed by the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy, was launched to android and IOS phones on May 10. The app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The app was launched to iPad and tablet on Thursday, during the award gala for the national oratory competition.

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy’s president Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem told Sun the number of people who use Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef had expanded since it was launched in May. He said the app was introduced to iPad and tablet to further improve accessibility.

Noting that thousands of school students use tablets, Ashraf said the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy believed it a must that the app be available on tablets.

“The number of people who use the app has increased. Many school students have government-issued tablets. Having Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef on it will further aid them,” he said.

Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef. (Photo/Dhivehi Bahuge Academy)

By the end of last Thursday, the app had 4,325 downloads on Play Store and 3,555 downloads on App Store.

The Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef was designed with focus on promoting Maldivian culture and improving user convenience and knowledge.

The app has a word of the day, idiom of the day, and the Dhivehi-English word of the day with their meanings.

The highest number of searches were for the Dhivehi-English word of the day.

The app has 36,849 words and 53,929 meanings.

The most searched word is “Manthelaa”, a word for reef.

Ashraf said Dhivehi Bahuge Academy wished to further improve the app and expand user-base.

All users have the opportunity to submit commonly used words that aren’t on the Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef.

“We are looking to improve and expand features for a greater impact. For example, there might be some meanings that might be missing from the Radheef that need to be included. The opportunity is now available via the app,” he said.

Ashraf said users have submitted 295 new words, some of them legitimate, and some submitted as a joke.

Ashraf said the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy welcomed all submissions, but wished to advise users to make use of the opportunity responsibly.

He said the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy, as part of their work to improve the app, planned on introducing a feature which will allow users to track the submissions they make.

Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef. (Photo/Dhivehi Bahuge Academy)

“Its important for people who submit words to know what happens after they make the submission. The user must know whether the word was approved or not on the app itself. We are working on it. The change will come to affect soon, In Sha Allah,” he said.

Ashraf said Dhivehi Bahuge Academy also planned on having word search history visible, and the option to delete word searches, as well as the option to share words.

A database has been set up to monitor statistics from the app, called Basdhaaru.

Basdhaaru, set up with hard work from Dhivehi Bahuge Academy’s former president Ashraf Ali, was launched on August 8 last year.

Ashraf encouraged people to make good use of the app.