MP Saeed: Can reduce govt’s expenditure by decreasing pointless expenses, political posts

Maavah MP Mohamed Saeed, former Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Economic Minister and currently Parliamentarian of Maavah Constituency Mohamed Saeed has stated that government expenditure can only be reduced once the government cuts down on pointless expenses and decrease political posts.

Speaking at a rally held at PPM’s headquarters on Tuesday night, MP Saeed said that the government lacks a comprehensive vision pertaining to all matters. He also alleged that the government’s aim is to acquire as much as money possible from the people.

“Because of the way things are handled even now, it is clear that the government has no intension of ensuring an easy life for the people. Always looking to increase state revenue by extorting the people. That too, from the pockets of youth. Because of the government, there are situations where they struggle to make the hands and mouth meet,” he had said.

Stressing that he does not understand the reason behind the government’s decision to raise Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Tourism Goods and Service Tax (TGST) – MP Saeed described the decision as an attack to the people during a period of time where prices of goods have significantly hiked.

He added a huge different would be observed if the government cuts down on pointless expenses even now. As an example of this, MP Saeed said that the number of trips taken by cabinet ministers to foreign nations should be decreased.

Speaking further, MP Saeed said that the government, at present, secures a higher revenue from stickers on poor peoples’ motorbike and fines in compression to the income they earn.

MP Saeed’s remarks comes at a time the government has announced special measures to decrease state expenditure and increase state revenue in order to improve the fiscal situation of Maldives.

Measures proposed to decrease expenditure include reforming subsidy, decrease state-owned companies’ dependency on state budget, slowing down the commencement of additional projects and controlling operational costs.

Meanwhile, measures proposed to increase state revenue include raising GST from 6 percent to 8 percent and TGST from 12 percent to 16 percent.