Civil Court’s chief judge reprimanded for 'undermining trust in justice system'

Civil Court's Chief Judge Abdulla Ali.

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has reprimanded Abdulla Ali, Chief Judge of the Civil Court, after finding him guilty of acting in a manner that undermined the trust in the justice system.

JSC made the decision to take action against him on April 17.

JSC said the incident involved a person who, when they received a summons from the Civil Court to attend a hearing, also had a summons to attend a hearing at a magistrate court. The person requested the Civil Court to postpone the hearing.

JSC said that Abdulla Ali had acted in a manner that undermined the power of the justice system as well as the trust in the system in voiding the Civil Court order.

The commission said that documents and Abdulla Ali’s own statements proved he also showed bias in executing his duties as a judge, and acted in a manner that called his fairness.

JSC said that Abdulla Ali’s actions violated Judges Act and the code of conduct of judges.

The commission said it therefore decided to issue him a reprimand and order him to complete JSC-mandated training.

JSC previously stated it was investigating three cases involving Abdulla Ali.