Dr. Ashraf: Choose to communicate in Dhivehi language in formal and informal settings

Dhivehi Language Academy's President Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem. (Photo/Dhivehi Language Academy)

Dhivehi Language Academy’s (Dhivehi Bahuge Academy) Presidnet Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheen has urged to communicate in Dhivehi language in both formal and informal settings.

In a statement released on the occasion of this year’s Dhivehi Language Day, Dr. Ashraf stressed that one should always aim to speak in Dhivehi language no matter what the circumstances.

“Let’s prove this by actions at events held and in writings written,” he added.

Dr. Ashraf said that one should make a habit of speaking in Dhivehi language when meeting his or her children, students, family members and close friends. He also urged to prioritize Dhivehi language when it comes to naming shops, companies and places.

“Let the transactions executed in different businesses also be in Dhivehi language. Then only language would align with actions. Will become Maldivians,” he had said.

He also underscored that Dhivehi language is a beautiful language that boasts all characteristics demanded from one. On this note, he said that Dhivehi language has all characteristics and components named by linguists.

Dhivehi Language Academy’s slogan for this year’s Dhivehi Language Day is ‘Maldivians are Maldivians because they speak Dhivehi language’.

The slogan represents the importance of speaking in Dhivehi language in order to remain Maldivians.