Finance Ministry instructs to disburse Ramadan allowance on March 28

Civil servants existing Velaanaage Building. (Sun Photo / Mohamed Hayyaan)

Ministry of Finance and Treasury on Wednesday released a circular, instructing to disburse Ramadan allowance by Monday, March 28.

As per the circular, each Muslim employee will receive MVR 3,000 as a Ramadan allowance. Employees working multiple jobs will receive the allowance from their basic place of employment, it noted.

Other points highlighted include, if an employee resigns before one-third of Raman is over, the employers must recover the remaining portion of the money. Meanwhile, those newly hired within Ramadan should be given the allowance within seven days of employment.

Furthermore, those employees on pay leave or non-pay leave will not be eligible for the allowance. But should they return during Ramada, they are eligible for an amount calculated from the day they return to work.

The Finance Ministry instructed government offices that use accounting software to post the voucher for Ramadan allowance Thursday, March 24.