Two arrested in ‘India Out’ protest granted conditional release

A capture from a protest held as part of the opposition coalition's 'India Out' campaign. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Two individuals who were arrested in the protest held yesterday as part of the opposition coalition’s ‘India Out’ campaign – has been granted conditional release.

Twenty-nine individuals were taken under police custody during the protest which was held yesterday evening – out of which two were arrested.

The two individuals arrested – Abdul Samad and Razna Ali Mohamed – were brought before the Criminal Court today, for a remand hearing. Although the Court had ordered conditional release for two of them, it is unclear as to what the conditions were.

Both Samad and Razna are suspected of intentionally obstructing a law enforcement officer from carrying out their responsibilities and carrying out an act that requires prior permission from a government authority, without permission.

Prior to this, individuals arrested from such protests who are brought before the court have been barred from taking part in such protests for a certain period of time.

‘India Out’ campaign calls for the removal of Indian military personnel stationed in the Maldives to be removed from the country.

The opposition coalition has raised concerns about police allegedly using excessive force to disband and arrest people in the ‘India Out’ protest.