Tree Top Hospital introduces Immunotherapy

Tree Top Hospital announced introducing Allergen Immunotherapy to the hospital. 

The therapy is given to those who test positive from a skin prick test. The test relies on introducing a small amount of allergen extract into the skin and helps to determine substances that an individual shows an allergic reaction to, which helps in treatment. 

According to the hospital, the treatment was being introduced by their ENT and Respiratory departments and is currently available for patients over the age of five. 

ENT Specialist Dr Chandrashekar Subhanji Rawal and Consultant Pulmonologist Dr Ragulan Rajalingam are the doctors leading Immunotherapy in Tree Top Hospital.

Dr Rajalingam with over 10 years of medical experience specializes in Respiratory Medicine. He also serves as an Associate Professor at the Chettinad Medical College & Research Institute, India and is a member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS).

Dr Rawal is an ENT Specialist with more than fourteen years in the medical profession. He is experienced in Medical Management and Administration, Emergency Medicine, ICU, and Otology Surgery. He is also well trained to perform medical and surgical procedures in OP, IP, Emergency, and ICU settings

The hospital stated that patients will need an appointment to consult prior to testing and treatment, and assured that full support and cooperation will be extended to those who may need treatment for a long period of time.