Male’ Deputy Mayor Nareesh ordered to pay apartment rent

Male’ City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh (C). (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Civil Court has ordered Male’ City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh to settle MVR 35,365.55 in rent and utilities owed to his landlord for a two-bedroom apartment in the capital.

The lawsuit against Nareesh was filed by Abdul Rahman Idhrees (Max, Thuni, L. Gan) back in 2017. In the suit, Idhrees claimed Nareesh owed him MVR 98,865.55 in rent and utility bills for an apartment lent to him from the fifth floor of Eastpink in Maafannu district of Male’ City.

Nareesh initially rejected the claim, but later told the court that he owed Idhrees MVR 35,365.55, and asked for six months to settle the payment.

Nareesh told the court he had been unable to pay the rent due to financial constraints.

After his landlord filed the lawsuit against him, Nareesh deposited MVR 35,000 to his bank account. The court deducted the MVR 35,000, and the MVR 28,000 deposit he had paid when he rented the apartment, and ordered Nareesh to pay the remaining MVR 35,365.55.

The court issued its ruling on Monday, December 13.

Nareesh was elected to the Central Maafannu seat in the city council in April. Prior to his election to the council, Nareesh had served as a coordinator at the Housing Ministry, and as the PR and Events Manager at Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).