Corrections: Ahmed Ibrahim was poured hot water on by his cellmate

Maafushi prison in K. Maafushi. (Sun Photo/ Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) has stated that amidst a heated argument between two prisoners serving their sentences in the same cell at Maafushi Prison – hot water was thrown onto one by the other.

Corrections had made said this whilst denying the allegations made that there was the involvement of prison staff in hot water being at a prisoner in Maafushi Prison.

Corrections’ Media Official Aminath Yushreen Ahmed had told Sun that the incident had taken place three days ago – amidst a heated argument between two prisoners. It was also noted that the burn victim was receiving treatment under their custody.

Speaking further, Yushreen said that she is unable to share further information regarding the incident with the media at the moment.

A family member of the burn victim – Ahmed Ibrahim – however, contradicted Corrections’ statement, explaining that he had been asleep in his cell when a bag filled with hot water was thrown at him. Following this, he had called his family today – wailing that he had been burned.

“Is this how the rights of the prisoners are protected?” the family member questioned.

Ahmed Ibrahim, Unmeedhee Manzil, HA. Hoarafushi, is serving a life sentence at Maafushi Prison. He was sentenced to life for his role in the kidnapping of Hussain Mohamed Manik (Husseynube), Sea view, HA. Hoarafushi, six years ago – with the participation of two other persons. Husseynube was later found brutally murdered.