Nearly 500 doctors, nurses at IGMH file petition over halt in promotions

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Hundreds of doctors and nurses at the main state hospital - Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) - have submitted a petition to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih expressing concern over a halt in promotions. 

The petition was submitted in response to the decision by Civil Service Commission (CSC) to suspend promotions to high-ranking civil servants. 491 doctors and nurses from IGMH signed the petition. 

IGMH’s orthopedist, Dr. Yoosuf Shan, who led the petition, told Sun on Wednesday that the medical professionals asked the President to reverse CSC’s decision. 

“This petition calls for the reversal of the decision to stop granting promotions. This is a matter of great concern,” he said. 

Shan said that medical professionals take on far greater responsibilities than those working in other professions. And that the decision to overlook their contribution and suspend promotions is demotivating. 

“This has been demotivating to a great many. This affects IGMH. This affects the doctors and nurses at IGMH,” he said. 

Shan said that promotions will not result in a significant salary increment. 

“But granting promotions serve as encouragement. It serves as a gesture of appreciation for the services of the people who receive promotions. If this isn’t there, then there’s nothing,” he said. 

Shan said the decision of the CSC will serve as a detriment to people who want to enter the medical field, resulting in a decrease in the number of Maldivian people who want to enter the medical field and a decrease in the number of people who to work in the public sector. 

He said the doctors and nurses at IGMH hope the issues raised in the petition will be addressed. 

“We very much hope so,” he said.