President concludes Thaa Atoll tour and returns to Male’ City

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih departs to Male' City from Th. Thimarafushi on August 19, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed has concluded his Thaa Atoll tour in which he visited seven islands in the atoll and has returned to Male’ City last night.

Accordingly, the seven islands the President had visited are Thimarafushi, Kinbidhoo, Omadhoo, Veymandoo, Vandhoo, Kandoodhoo and Gaadhiffushi, in that order. During every visit, President Solih met with the Island Councils and Women Development Committees of each island in addition to the Thaa Atoll Council itself. In these meetings, President Solih and council members/WDC members discussed the concerns and needs of the institutions and also shared the latest updates on the Public Service Investment Programme (PSIP) projects conducted by the government in the islands of Thaa Atoll.

At Thimarafushi, President Solih also met with local business owners and members of the fisher community of the island. He also visited the site for the construction of 100 housing units, Thaa Atoll Education Centre, and the island’s health center in which he spoke to the staff and inquired about the details of the operation.

At Kinbidhoo, President Solih visited several key institutions such as the local school and health center where he discussed how to improve services and operations with the staff. He also inspected the progress of the water and sewerage project on the island.

At Omadhoo, President Solih had officially inaugurated the island’s harbor.

At the capital of Thaa Atoll, Veymandoo, President Solih visited Thaa Atoll Hospital, the Family and Children’s Service Centre (FCSC) as well as Veymandoo School. He held discussions with the staff and the children seeking shelter at FCSC as well as those studying at Veymandoo School.

He then visited Vandhoo – where he met with the fisher community of the island. He also toured some historical sites on the island.

The sixth destination of the President was Kandoodhoo where he held a meeting with the local farmers, discussing their needs to improve the local farming and agriculture sector of the Maldives.

And lastly, President Solih had stopped at Gaadhiffushi before returning to Thimarafushi to depart back to Malé City.

President Solih was accompanied on the tour by cabinet ministers, senior officials from the President’s Office, and a delegation of high-level government officials.